December 09, 2010

Q & A with a Pretty Blond

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Remember to check out her Tumblr BlogTwitter, and website as well! All the photos are either from Penelope's site or blog! Both her creations and her inspirations!

PS from Penelope!

My Christmas cards are available at the Dr. Vigari Gallery on Commercial Dr @ 2nd ave in Vancouver, or contact me directly. You can see the designs on my blog. I am also competing for the title of BC’s best young designer. To see a video of my me and my work (and vote / leave a comment!) check out


Anonymous said...

I am following on fb and i voted for the video. I think the cards are super cute, very unique and fun! These are the type you end up displaying on the mantle!

amy said...

Really unique, creative cards, especially love the pinkish snow tree branch one! Good luck and I look forward to seeing your work and designs around Vancouver!

evie said...

I love the idea of doing both graphic and interior design together. I can imagine how effective that would be too a company. What a talented lady!

Jen said...

I love the designs! If I had to pick, I would choose the rum and eggnog one and the one with the reindeer on its own, like it is howling! The rum and eggnog one is a great choice for certain people, those with a sense of humour :)

Jen said...

I left a comment on your video! Congrats :)

Jen said...

I left a comment on your video! Congrats :)