January 25, 2011

Q & A with Nicole Bridger

Sometime in December I was sitting at my aunt and uncle’s house in Victoria thinking about where I was going to find an interesting designer. I really wanted to find another local person to conduct a Q & A with. I was also looking for a collection with a purpose; something that made you warm and fuzzy – maybe it was the holiday season. I knew about Vancouver Fashion Week from back in November and remembered that there’s an Eco-Fashion Week. When I Googled Eco-Fashion Week, Nicole Bridger’s name came up, along with a few other names, but her line stood out for me.  Nicole’s line is one with purpose and it really was what I was looking for.

I was so excited when she said she would do a Q & A about her line and what it’s all about. So I hope you enjoy not only the visually creative side, but also the overall purpose and what it stands for. To start off, here’s her philosophy:

At NBD we believe in taking care of the earth and its people. To take care of the earth we use socially conscious fabrics and practices. We use fabrics that are from natural and renewable resources. We consider the impact that we have on the earth and do what we can to minimize it.  To take care of the earth’s people we help spread the word of love through our affirmation labels ‘I am love’ in each piece of clothing. We are dedicated to contributing to positive change in our modern world.

How did you start your career in Fashion?
[I] was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. [I] She obtained her BAA in fashion design from Ryerson University in Toronto ON. [I] then went to London, UK to intern at Vivienne Westwood where [I] learned the art of sculpting fabric and returned with an understanding of doing more than just making clothes. [I] came back to Vancouver looking to learn some of the business side of things and paired up with the owner of Lululemon Athletica to co-create Oqoqo, a casual eco clothing line. [I] was then ready to put her design and business sides together to create [my] own label of socially conscious contemporary women's wear, Nicole Bridger.

How would you describe your line?
Easy, interesting, sustainable clothing that fits your lifestyle and your values

What were some of your inspirations for your Fall/Winter Collection 2010?
I called this collection “Healing Heart”. Every season I look to my personal life for inspiration and draw from the life lessons that I am learning at the time. At the time of creating this collection I was divorcing my husband and doing what I needed to heal from the hurtful decisions he was making. In my despair I did not have much energy to put into designing so I decided to get together our classic bests, the pieces that have done the best for us and really portray the esthetic of the label. I’m very excited because each piece is a strong piece and the collection is very Nicole Bridger.

What can we expect to see in your Spring/Summer Collection 2011?
Colour and fun new flirty dresses

What are some of the biggest trends coming up this New Year?
I don’t really keep on top of trends, but I feel like women are ready to dress like women again, wearing more feminine pieces, dresses and skirts. Looking pretty even at the office or while grocery shopping.

Who do you think is the most dominate designer on the runway right now?
I admire Isabel Marant. She is so modern, yet still feminine. Casual, but still lux.

Worst fashion childhood memory?
I wouldn’t say worst, but funny… When I was around 3, I couldn’t leave my house without my acrylic sun hat and little sundress.

Best advise you can give to aspiring designers?
Listen to your gut.

Nicole Bridger is exactly what I was looking for. Her designs are not only amazing and something I would find in my closet, but they are incredibly thoughtful. It has a purpose and meaning. I hope you all enjoyed reading and be sure you check out her site and follow her on Twitter! xo

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