February 01, 2011

Q & A with Spost Love - Samantha Post & Americk Lewis

Finally, the day is here!
This post is kind of really special to me. Samantha Post is a friend of mine and I am so honoured that she was so excited to do the Q & A. Luckily for all of us, her business partner, Americk Lewis, has also answered the questions. So it makes it THAT much more interesting!

I met Samantha on my trip to NYC about 2 (almost 3 years) ago. Out of all the craziness in city, she was probably the most grounded person I met there. She was so real, easy to talk to, and had something interesting to say. Samantha had told me about how she was working in New York selling these very cool         I <3 NY T-shirts. They were basically the plain touristy t-shirts that she had totally transformed into something a little more glamourous and waaay more stylish. So, since I met her, Samantha has made some huge progress. I haven't had the pleasure to meet her partner in crime, Americk, but from what I have seen, this duo is unstoppable! Americk is the visionary for their latest collection and he did a remarkable job! This duo truly encompass everything I believe in - creativity, determination, passion and yet, still very very practical. They have come so far over the past few years. People like Sean Paul, Miss Jay (from America's Next Top Model), and Mark Ronson have all worn (& LOVED) their stuff! Their video, Scarftasia, was recently featured on Jay-Z's blog. I think it's pretty safe that to say that these two know what they are doing. I had an amazing time putting this together. Their answers are witty, engaging, and inspiring. Make sure you follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and of course, their Website!

As for the Giveaway! The details are down below. I even made a video to explain what you have to do! It'll be fun and exciting! We can't wait to see what people come up with! Good luck! xo

How did Spost Love start? Where do you see it going?
Samantha: Spost Love started in a cramped studio apartment in Harlem, NYC. I had a sewing machine and would make these custom halter tops from the “I <3 NY” t-shirts.

Americk: I had an obsession with scarves and one day I held up one of the halters to my neck and was like, “This would be a cool scarf.” So we turned it into one. From there we just started having fun and experimenting with different scarf designs.

Samantha: It started out as fun and that is the most important part of where the brand goes from here…as long as it stays fun I’m in…if not I jump ship! Hahahah I’m just kidding…I look forward to expanding to other accessories, can’t wait to get to jewelry and bags! YAYAYAY

How does Spost Love fits into the fashion world?
Americk: We fit into the place in this economy where you need to find creative ways to look nice for low cost! Hahah but for real with our scarves you can take a plain shirt, dress, sweater etc and add one of our scarves and your outfit is made.

Samantha: Also I think people are embracing more handmade items that mean something to the designers not just something they are doing to make money and we fit in there too.

Who loves your brand as much as you do?
Samantha: Sean Paul, Miss Jay (from America’s Next Top Model), my mom, dad, and my tea cup Yorkie Killer. And everyone who buys my scarves <3.

What can we expect from Spost Love in the future?
Samantha: Definitely an involvement in the campaign for global social equity…I know it sounds unrelated hahah but it’s not…I truly believe that all things we do must be aligned with a bigger purpose and for me, making clothing is not a big enough purpose. Once Spost Love is really making profit some of that money will be funneled into improving the lives of people in developing countries…

Americk: One day Jay-z rapping about Spost.

What’s the hardest part about being a young designer?
Americk: Sometimes it seems like no matter how much people like your designs they don't trust you enough to buy your product until your brand is co-signed by media and celebs. Like people will say all the time, “Ohhh I love your line” and that’s the end of the conversation but when people see it on blogs (like this lovely one) they are like “Ohhh I’ve seen these. I'm buying one! How much?!”

Samantha: We live in brand name obsessed culture…so much so that it’s difficult for people to imagine liking something that isn’t attached to a well established label…kind of sad

What advice can you give to people who are working their butts off to get somewhere in the fashion world?
Samantha: Find someone that is in the early stages of launching a line and kiss their behind…hahaha not literally but seriously charm them, make them laugh, ask to get their coffee and take out their garbage and then LEARN as much as you possibly can from them!!!!!…that's what I did to get my internship at Lunazul Swimwear. I learned sooooooooooo much about the fashion world from that internship…

Americk: Not to mention Sam was then invited to all these fabulous parties! She would sneak me into them haha. That’s where I would wear the new scarves and fashion people would be like “Oh that's hot!” That's how we knew we were on to something

And so there you have it! I hope you all enjoyed this Q & A as much as I did! Thank you again Samantha and Americk! You guys are awesome and I cannot wait to see where you are in a few years! All the best and much love! xoxo

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Hey Cassy, Firstly, you have gorgeous hair!
Cool giveaway, unfortunatley I'm way too shy to video myself but good luck to those who do :-)

penelope said...

here is my video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02tIsu4qfXc

penelope said...

here is my video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02tIsu4qfXc