April 21, 2011

Q & A with BeautyMark - April Edition

You are in for such a treat! I am delighted to be sharing another Q & A with Yaletown's very own, BeautyMark. They recently moved a few doors down to a new location and are really excited about the move. They have some amazing products and there is really something for everyone. I did a Q & A with them over the winter holidays and one of the things they mentioned was bright eyes and lips. Since then, I haven't looked back. I absolutely love that they are bringing pretty back. Enjoy and be sure to check them out (1228 Pacific Blvd)! xoxo

What's BeautyMark best known for?
BeautyMark: BeautyMark is best known for carrying boutique brands that you won't find everywhere in the city. We strive to carry fun products that are unique and different. We have a really laid back attitude and think beauty should be fun. Everyone who comes into the store is welcome to look around, try samples of any products and feel comfortable asking any of our staff questions.

What are some of your favourite/best selling products?
1. Geisha Ink Eye Liner (amazing felt tip liner that doesn't rub off or smudge & really easy to apply)
2. Principessa Hair Powder (talc free, finely milled hair powder that's perfect to keep any blow out going strong or a refresher on a day or two)
3. Nanoblur (really crazy stuff! A primer that instantly blurs out fine lines and wrinkles for less than $20 bucks, yes please!)

What are three products every girl should own?
BeautyMark: Three products that every girl should own are:
1. Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie Cream: Amazing sweet and rich body butter. Your skin will feel smooth and smell delicious.
2. Terax Crema Conditioner: The ultimate hair conditioner. Instantly de-tangles, great for any hair type & light weight, so no heavy residue. A little goes a long way with this Italian formulation that has been a BeautyMark best seller for years.
3. Kiss me Mascara: Japanese formulated mascara that tubes each lash. The result? Go swimming or running and it will not come off. To take it off, all you need is hot water and a wash cloth. Watch the tubes slide off. Absolute staple.

What is the hottest look for spring (despite all the rain)?
BeautyMark: We are loving bold colours this spring! Pop art eyeshadows with colours like yellow, blue, and green are fantastic but not for everyone. Why not try a bold liner if you are a little shy for the whole lid? And don't forget the colour of the year, "Honeysuckle." We love this on lips and cheeks, pretty makeup is back and we couldn't be happier.
Nail polish! How do you know what colour to wear?
BeautyMark: Nail polish colours are all about personal style. Do you wear a lot of colour yourself? Or are you more neutral? Don't try and match your nail polish to your outfits. If you want something to go with most of your clothes pick a nude or pink tone. Essie's "Mademoiselle" is hands down our best "neutral" colour. If you've got a special event to go to then pick a bold colour to rock out! Remember if you aren't used to brighter hues, your toes are always a good way to test out if you like a colour or not. For fun, try "crackle" nail polish, it's the new big thing and if you're in a pinch and want something really different make sure to visit our nail gal Christina. She can do any nail art imaginable!
What are some great evening looks to wear to something like the VFW Shows?
BeautyMark: Smokey eyes are classic and never go out of style. There are lots of different variations of a smokey eye, it doesn't have to be black. Brown, grey, purple and navy tones are great if you want to change it up. A good go to palette is Cargo's Core palettes for eyes. They have a really good range of colours. If you aren't into doing too dark of an eye then opt for lashes. They open the eyes up and have an overall youthful appearance.

Best advise you can give any of your customers?
BeautyMark: Protect your skin! Sun screen is the best anti-aging product out there. You honestly should be wearing an SPF every single day, you will thank yourself later. A must sunscreen is Dermalogica's Sunscreen Booster. You can use it alone as an SPF 30, or mix it with your own moisturizer or foundation for a custom SPF. Get lots of rest, drink water and have fun with your beauty! Try a new look it shouldn't be taken so seriously. Experiment!

One look that shouldn't come back...
BeautyMark: Crimped hair! Yikes. We all had a crimper and it was fun while it lasted, but we don't expect to see crimpers selling side by side our curling irons anytime soon.