December 05, 2011

Some Secrets Are Worth Sharing: LOVE + MARK'D

As the Christmas season approaches nothing is better than receiving a homemade card. I personally love making cards for family and friends, but over the most recent years, I've started to find it a little more difficult to find time annnnd apparently construction paper cutouts are cute until you're about 12... oops. However, the only thing worse than inadequately crafted cards, is when you give the same card to your sister that your aunt picked out for you.

Since I am a huge fan of the holidays, I am very excited about finding original gifts and cards. When I read on Alicia Fashionista that Vancouver's very own Olivia Lovenmark from Style Struck had created her very own line of stationary, I was very excited to say the least. Olivia is the blogger behind the incredibly stylish blog, Style Stuck. When asked how she began her blog, she said "It all started one morning in April, 2009, when I was sitting in Starbucks reading Elle magazine and there was a mention about a blog. At this point I thought blogs were only something the trekkies, or techies, knew about, not fashion people. If they're doing it, I thought, I want to start one too! I was lucky to know a couple of guys who built websites at the time who set mine up for me. I'd say it took me about a year to understand what my brand was about, get my blog in shape and start to attract a following."

What I love about her blog is that she really knows how to incorporate inexpensive brands with more higher end items, while explaining how it fits into her life. Yet, there's a great sense of modesty and poise - a perfect example of a lifestyle fashion blog. So it's easy to see why it's exciting that this talented fashionista decided to pursue her next passion project: LOVE + MARK'D.

So what is it that makes her homemade cards so fabulous? Well, imagine this...

And of course, one of my favourite things ever: Glitter.

I feel like these are the ingredients that really make her cards something special. Each card is designed and crafted by Olivia. I've definitely seen "simple" cards out there, but there's something about hers that lets you know that no two cards are ever alike (what a fabulous way to avoid the giving-the-same-card-fiasco" mentioned above!). Of course, who is better at sharing the details her line and how it became to be better than Olivia herself?

Who is Olivia Lovenmark?
Olivia: I'm 23 and newly an entrepreneur. For the past year following school I worked with a large corporate company and then with a small-size company in social media. It hit me one day that I need to work to build myself a company, not grow somebody else's bank account. Three weeks ago I brought to life a small dream of mine: to sell stationery. My cards are called: LOVE + MARK'D, a play on my last name that was brilliantly thought up by a girl friend over martinis. (Isn't that how all the brilliant ideas come about??) My little furball (cat), and I live together in Vancouver's West End overlooking English Bay in what I would consider a girls' club house: lots of mirrored and sparkly things. And shoes on the wall - they're art. What makes my day? Fresh flowers (white roses!), and a big order of customized cards; I love sending somebody something unique that is personal to them. 

How did you come about creating LOVE + MARK'D?
Olivia: LOVE + MARK'D was born on a train from Paris to Provence. My girl friend that I was traveling with and I spent a lot of time in Paris visiting Papeteries - stationery shops. We would just spend hours in them; they have a far better selection than we do here, and really take pride in their beautiful papers and designs. Less Hallmark, more designer. Just before boarding the train I purchased a pretty yellow notebook and mauve pen for the train. Soon as we left the station I started making notes. The book was rather full by the time we reached Provence, but at the time I still viewed the idea as a bit of a pipe dream. It wasn't until I was back in Vancouver working at a new job that I wasn't particularly enjoying that I realized, now is the time to start my business. And so I did!

So as everyone gets ready to start picking out gifts and cards for their loved ones, be sure to check out the great holiday selection by LOVE + MARK'D! It such a great way to add a little something special this holiday season! You can find Olivia on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google+!

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Haha, those are so cute! Very your style, I agree: classic, simple, sophisticated with a touch of fun.