December 15, 2011

Q & A with BeautyMark December Edition

It's becoming fairly obvious that I'm slightly obsessed with BeautyMark and if you haven't noticed, take a look here, here, and here. To add to my obsession, I have a new Q&A from the team once again! The answers are fantastic (as always) and there are some great ideas for gifts as well! Enjoy! xo 

BeautyMark recently moved to the new location! How is the new spot working out?!
BeautyMark: We love the new spot. It's twice the size so we have much more room for clothing, accessories, and services! Gives us more room for creative ideas too, if you had ever been to our old location you'd know how space was definitely an issue. It was time for our move and we couldn't be happier.
 What are some of your top products this winter?
BeautyMark: Top products this winter...
1. Glam Glow Mask: amazing volcanic mud mask that instantly brightens and clarifies the skin.
2. Deborah Lippman - Addicted to Speed: Best top coat ever, dries instantly
3. Geisha Ink: Liquid liner for everyone. Create a thin natural look to a thick cat line, waterproof, sweat proof!
4. Ilia Lip Care: Natural lip care with 6 great colours, very hydrating like a lip balm with the colour of a light lipstick. 

Are there any big 'no-nos' this winter?
BeautyMark: Now that summer is over, make sure you don't have a heavy hand with your bronzer! Try a matte bronzer without sparkle, like Cargo's Matte Medium. It'll warm your complexion without looking to fake.

Top blog reads by the BeautyMark team?
BeautyMark: We are avid readers of,, and of course our blog,!

Trends this winter?
BeautyMark: Wearing colour! Whether it's in your jewelry, a bright bold lipstick or on your nails, the brighter the better.
 What are 5 mandatory items every girl should have in her purse?
BeautyMark: 1. Poo Pouri: Spritz in the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know.
2. Rosebud Salve: All purpose salve for everything from lips, cuticles, cuts, rashes, the works!
3. Fashion Tape: Perfect for any fashion emergency! Tape any clothing to where you want it to stay.
4. Oribe's Travel Size Dry Texturizing Spray: The best hair product, hold like a hairspray, gives instant volume and takes away any sign of excess oil.
5. Stila's Convertable Colour: A cream blush and lip tint. Love this for a quick pop of colour on the cheek, non-greasy and lasts all day.

Now that winter is here, the cool, crisp weather can really dry out sensitive skin. Suggestions?
BeautyMark: Linacare is our number one sensitive skin moisturizer and a staff favourite. It's a local brand and by far a best seller! It's a day cream, night cream, and eye cream all in one and perfect for very sensitive skin.

Best part about being part of the BeautyMark team?
BeautyMark: We've all been working together for so long, it is more like a family than a work environment so that is definitely a great thing. And of course, getting to try all the newest products from each line!

From the minute a customer comes in, what's the experience at BeautyMark?
BeautyMark: We want you to feel inspired when you walk into the store. We're always looking to bring in new and exciting things to Vancouver, something you wouldn't see at a department store. We have a really relaxed attitude as well; if you want to try samples of any product before you decide on them we can make that happen. We want to she our love of products with you.

What is the team's "best kept 'secret'" in Vancouver?
BeautyMark: We have a lovely food stall outside on the corner of Davie and Pacific called "The Loving Hut." They make amazing, fresh food. The best part is they have healthy versions of everything on their menu. You can get the full crispy chicken burger, or you can go for the healthier version - grilled chicken. The guys that run it are so nice too, always a good chat while you are waiting for your food.

Thanks again to BeautyMark for the more than perfect answers! Remember to check out their new location while Christmas shopping! They have the perrrrfect stocking stuffers - including the items listed above! You can also chat with them on Twitter and Facebook! xoxo

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