January 11, 2012

Q & A with Trish Lucarino

Back in November I had the pleasure to meet with Trish Lucarino, the heart and soul of Principessa Beauty. Trish was ever so kind to invite me to the Principessa Headquarters and show me what it really means to be pink. The office is absolutely adorable and makes any girl feel right at home and interestingly enough, her products do the exact same thing - they make any girl feel like a girl with noooo shame!

Her products consist of what she loves to call "The Three Ps" and it couldn't be more perfect. The Three Ps essentially mean the top three priorities of any beauty product - which sadly not all beauty products meet:
- Product
- Perfume
- Performance

I discovered the Dry Shampoo, Notte Breeze, a little while ago and love it. It's works perfectly, smells great, and doesn't leave your hair feeling like it's full of product. Another favourite is the lipgloss - Pleasantly Pafutto in Kitten Pink. I've been waiting for a good time to post this Q & A and I think with spring around the corner and hearing about the various travel plans people have and upcoming weddings, this is the perfect time! Principessa is full of goodies for your hair, skin, makeup, perfect glosses... everything. Lucky for us, Principessa is available at BeautyMark here in Vancouver and they also ship internationally for those who love the idea of pink and pretty. So, without anymore delay, I hope you enjoy the Q & A (that wasn't supposed to rhyme in the slightest).

How did Principessa start?
Trish: I was always a huge beauty product junkie. I loved spas too and wanted to recreate that experience at home. I was always in search of the "perfect" product too and felt certain that I could create them. I had quite a bit of experience and knowledge of the industry as I had worked in it for about 8 years at the retail level. At the time there was nothing pink and feminine on the market at all. All the packaging was very non gender specific or if there was anything pretty is was typically novelty products and not high end quality. I was also super picky about fragrances and didn't really love anything out there. I was looking for clean, fresh and pretty and I just couldn't find it? My hubby and I went to a trade show in Italy to start the process and so it began...

What has been your biggest accomplishment with the brand?
Trish: So many but one of my faves is getting invited to be in the goody bags for the Golden Globes our first week in business. They saw us at a trade show in New York and when they contacted us I thought it was a joke at first :) We even received an email afterwards from Teri Hatcher saying she loved the products. So sweet!

How would you describe Principessa's "girl" in 3 words?
Trish: Feminine, fun and fabulous!!! Oh and pink but that makes four?

What are your most popular products and why?
Trish: Lip Glosses because they completely rock! Dry Shampoos because they are a life saver, literally and Lip Balms because they are honestly the best lip balms ever.  

What should every girl invest in when it comes to Principessa products?
Trish: Duh, everything of course!! LOL

What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to other beauty products?
Trish: Pet peeve? Beauty Products? I can't think of anything really except maybe charging ridiculous prices for stuff when I know how much things cost? Really I guess though it's the marketing of the product that you are paying for.

What has been your favourite project so far with the brand?
Trish: My favorite part is creating. That is the most fun and travelling too. We have been able to travel all over the place because of Principessa and I'm not sure I would have gone to Hong Kong and China were it not for Principessa. Now Asia is mine and my hubby's favorite destination. Going to the Golden Globe and Emmy events was fun too. We went back 3 times and get invited every year but it's just not feasible to do it every time as it costs so much and you have to give all the product for free. 

 Principessa HQ

What advise do you have for anyone considering starting their own beauty line?
Trish: Honestly, wait until the economy gets better :) Seriously, I don't think it would be a great time to launch a brand right now. Having said that I think you have to be willing to put in twice the amount of work that you anticipate and twice the amount of money too! Also, innovation is key right now in order to differentiate yourself from the rest of the products and brands out there.  

What can we expect to see over the next while form Principessa?
Trish: Well we just completed a packaging change that I'm so excited about and I love. We have an amazing graphic designer who I'm so thankful for! She's so talented and has been finally able to implement exactly what I wanted. Very grateful to have her on board as it's not easy to find someone who "gets" your vision and can bring it to fruition. We have lots of new things in store but I can't share just yet...  

What is your favourite Vancouver secret?
Trish: Our FAVORITE Sushi place in the world is Koko on Hastings Street. Their jumbo dynamite roll is to die for and their spicy sauce is completely addicting!!

And there it is! I've included the photos of some of my favourite products and best sellers! Principessa products are perfect for any girly event - I'm thinking bridesmaid gifts - and birthdays! The best part is, no matter what products you choose, it won't damage your hair, dry out your skin or lips. 

You can find Trish and Principessa on Twitter, Facebook, and of course, their website

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